Mental Health Services

Standard Services                          

Medication Management

Maid service and Personal laundry

Assistance with Personal Care needs

Assistance with Physician Appointments

Three nutritious and delicious meals

On-Site Barber/Beauty Services

Daily Planned Activities

Cable Television

Community Sponsored Events

On-Site Medical and Psychiatric Services

Certified, caring, and

trained 24-hour staff

In addition to our nursing staff, we also have on-site medical and psychiatric teams to attend to the physical and mental difficulties of our residents. On premises up to 6-times each month and on call 24-hours a day, our teams of doctors and nurses are always available and accessible to provide excellent health care to you. From staff to physician, this continuity of care insures the best outcome and the best quality of life for our residents.

We provide the very best standard care available in a comfortable semi-private room with three delicious meals and snacks each day, activities and special events, and medication management. In addition, we can also provide any other needs of daily living including assistance with bathing, hygiene, and more, depending upon your requirements. Certified staff is available 24-hours a day to provide the best care possible. If necessary or required, our registered nurse can provide charting and other nursing services. We try our best to maintain your quality of life and lifestyle, and to keep you in the least-restrictive environment possible - away from nursing homes and hospitals. We accomplish this by the continuous monitoring of your condition and emotional stability by our attentive staff.

Additional Services                         

In recognition of the needs of our residents, the following additional services are available at no extra cost and are provided electively to everyone, some of which are provided by third parties

Behavioral Therapy

Laugh Therapy

Health Care Continuity

Comprehensive Case Management

Representative Payee Services

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